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Manifesting with the Akashic Records

Updated: Mar 24

I always get this question: „Is manifesting with the Akashic Records possible?”

Many overlook the Akashic Records as a manifesting tool, yet they are paramount for reliably and consistently bringing our desires into reality. Here's how the Akashic Records serve as a vital resource for effectively manifesting our intentions:

To consciously shape our human experience, we must adhere to three distinct sets of „laws”:

1. Firstly, there are practical, physical laws governing our actions. For instance, manifesting a new relationship may entail meeting new people, while securing a new job may require submitting applications. These physical laws dictate the necessary steps we must take to manifest our desired reality. (It's worth noting that attempts to circumvent these physical laws using other sets of laws often prove futile.)

2. The next set of laws encompasses the Universal laws of karma. Contrary to popular belief, generating positive karma isn't solely about performing "good" deeds. This misconception becomes evident when considering the unfortunate circumstances that good-hearted individuals frequently face. Here, the Akashic Records offer invaluable insights.

With the right system of Akashic Records access, we can trace present difficulties not only to our current choices but also to the origins of negative karmic patterns in past lives. This database contains a comprehensive record of every choice our Soul has made throughout its history, illuminating the operation of karma and the role of choice in shaping our experiences.

Studying these patterns within the Akashic Records enables us to make informed choices that align with our desired outcomes while avoiding those that yield undesired results. In essence, the Akashic Records serve as a profound teacher of the laws of karma, empowering us to create our desired reality.

3. Furthermore, there exists a third set of laws governing manifestation, often overlooked by many.

At the level of the Soul, each individual possesses unique and specific laws dictating their manifestation process. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, each Soul is intricately designed by the Divine, with distinct qualities influencing their manifestation tendencies. Without understanding our Soul's inherent design for manifestation, the manifestation process remains unpredictable.

Fortunately, the Akashic Records harbour information regarding the Soul's unique manifestation blueprint.

In summary, the Akashic Records provide invaluable guidance across all three sets of manifestation laws—the physical, the karmic, and the Soul-level.

Particularly for understanding karmic and Soul-level manifestation, the Akashic Records stand out as an indispensable tool.

To book an Akashic Reading with me, please write an e-mail to: and I will get back to you with my availabilities.

All Akashic readings will be delivered in PDF. After you read it, we can connect via Zoom to explain, or you can send me your questions via e-mail and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

The price of the Akashic Reading is GBP 75. The price of the Clearing of the blocks is GBP 40.

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