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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

- Inspired speech (in writing) or automatic writing. Brief messages received by me while sitting in silence and surrendering to Spirit. -

Power of the mind

Automatic writing message I got from the Soul of Stefania MARACINEANU, a Romanian physicist who on 18 June, on her 140th birth anniversary was honoured with a Google Doodle. One of the pioneering women in the discovery and research of radioactivity, Mărăcineanu formed Romania’s first laboratory for study of Radioactivity after returning from the Astronomical Observatory in Meudon. Her work led to what is most likely the first example of artificial radioactivity. She also dedicated a major part of her life in researching on artificial rain. She researched upon the link between earthquakes and rainfall, making her the first one to report that a significant increase of radioactivity in the Earth's epicentre leads to an earthquake. When Marie Curie’s daughter Irène and her husband won a joint noble prize for their discovery of artificial radioactivity, Mărăcineanu asked for the recognition of her contribution in the discovery (Source: Google honours Romanian physicist Ștefania Mărăcineanu on her140th birthday | Business Standard News ( When I saw the Google doodle, I felt to connect with her, no idea why, and her message was: „When I was little, my family did not have much. I was unhappy because I wanted to become someone. I was ambitious. But ambition leads to destruction, Competition leads to destruction. Any passion without balance leads to destruction. I would like the world to know this. You can now create rain with the power of your mind. You are very lucky. If you train, you can do what I did with radioactivity. All you have to do is train. Thought is very powerful. You can make anything happen”. (18 June 2022)


Even if you feel you cannot do it, just trust that it will happen. Self-doubt is very powerful, give more power to trust. Trust yourself, you CAN do it. You may feel that there is a lot to learn, but in fact we are always learning, even when we think we don't. It is amazing what you can achieve if you really trust that it will happen. Whenever you get up and feel so tired and no longer see the point of it all, start by doing something small, take a step, do one small thing of that thing that now seems so big and it will all come into place. Anything and everything is possible, just trust the Universe and let it figure out the ''how''. You keep focusing on the ''what'' and trust that it will happen. It is not your job to figure out the ''how''. Surrender to Spirit and ask that it guides your steps and actions. Surrender and trust. You wake up and you are tired of the same things on and on, on repeat, you say. If it is too repetitive and this tires you, change one thing tomorrow. Small. And then another the day after tomorrow. You can break the boredom pattern. Start by a small thing that nurtures your soul. This will activate your Gratitude and open you up for what you want to do. That which now seems so big. (22 May 2022)

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