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What is an Akashic reading

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Akashic Records are a non-physical (energetic) library of information containing the details of your soul and its journey. They contain all the emotions, thoughts, events, words and intent that have occurred to all entities and life forms.

An individual Akashic Reading gives information about the Soul Mission, Soul purpose, Soul group of origin, energetic qualities, life lesson, Soul mission, blocks and restrictions that may interfere with your divine self-expression. An Akashic Records Reading can help you get clarity, clear and release soul contracts, vows, unwanted beliefs, imprints, patterns, curses, cords, spells, negative guides, ancestral wounding, karma, identify reoccurring patterns or themes in your life and help you connect with the essence of who you truly are. If you feel like you lack purpose, or you are facing the same tough situations over and over again, it might be time to find out who you are at a soul level…

  • For an individual Akashic reading I will need: your permission and your full name at birth, current name, place of birth, date of birth and time (if known).

A relationship Akashic records reading will help you have a greater understanding of yourself, the other soul, and the purpose of the relationship. If you feel that a certain relationship (child, partner, sibling, parent) is challenging, a Relationship Akashic reading will help you understand the karmic patterns you may have been repeating for many, many lifetimes. When you heal/clear past karma for yourself, all your relationships can transform. You will be able to create more harmony, balance and new patterns that will serve both of you better.

I will investigate your combined history (lifetimes together), soul groups and energetic qualities to reveal your nature, your love language, and how you both approach relationships. It will help you understand how you express and ask for love and the basic qualities you each bring to each other's life. This will provide you with practical tools to be able to compromise, honour your differences and create even more harmony.

I will name your life lessons and see how your relationship supports and interacts with those lessons.

I will uncover the blocks and restrictions that affect your relationship so that you can reflect on new choices you can make to complete the outstanding karmic debt and move forward.

  • For a relationship Akashic records reading I will need, for both people: your permission and your full name at birth, current name, place of birth, date of birth and time (if known). If I do not have both people's permission, I will not be able to access the records, because it is unethical to access someone else's Akashic Records without their permission. However, if that person is a current partner or a close relative, it can be done, because their choices affect your life.

An Akashic Records reading for business will analyse your financial purpose and any misalignments (business system, contributor, sales process) with it, because alignment is key to financial abundance. It is important to do purposeful work in the world and how we run our business must be aligned to your Soul's authentic self-expression.

  • For an Akashic Records reading for business, contact me with details about your business (business name, products and services - content, tools, delivery, marketing, pricing, sales system, contributors, partners), financial intention, and I will tell you your soul group for business, your energy centre and find the misalignments in the Akashic Records.

An Akashic Records Life Situation Reading will analyse your current situation, how to get to the energetic root of your current experiences, additional blocks and restrictions that may be affecting you, such as chakra imbalances, imprints, illusions etc.

  • For an Akashic Records Life Situation Reading, contact me explaining what the situation is and I will find the root cause in the Akashic Records.

To book an Akashic Reading with me, please write an e-mail to: and I will get back to you with my availabilities.

All Akashic readings will be delivered in PDF. After you read it, we can connect via Zoom to explain, or you can send me your questions via e-mail and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.