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What are we and why are we here?

We often ask ourselves: „What are we and why are we here?

We are spiritual beings who happen to have a physical existence, we are not physical bodies with souls.

Creative in nature, the Soul longs to find self-expression.

Souls have complete freedom of choice and, through a process of personal experiences (one choice leading to another, then to another and then another), they gain their own individuality, truly being part of God (Love) and yet individuals in their own right. Once they have discovered their individuality, they would once again return in consciousness to be God’s companions and cocreators.

The Akashic Records (which are so complete, so accurate and so individualised) keep track of and assist with each Soul’s personal growth and transformation.

The Soul addresses the question “Who am I?” repeatedly, in infinite ways as it chooses specific experiences to meet itself.

The Soul gains first-hand knowledge not only about his own identity but also learns how choices lead to certain experiences and, in time, soul experiences and acquired knowledge leads to wisdom.

Wisdom then inevitably leads to compassion and inevitably Love will be the end result.

At this point, the Soul will know its individual identity as well as its true relationship with God.

And it will have come to understand that its primary essence and God’s are one and the same: LOVE.

To book an Akashic Reading with me, please write an e-mail to: and I will get back to you with my availabilities.

All Akashic readings will be delivered in PDF. After you read it, we can connect via Zoom to explain, or you can send me your questions via e-mail and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

The price of the Akashic Reading is GBP 75. The price of the Clearing of the blocks is GBP 40.

All payments will be made to:

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