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How are your past lives affecting you today

Updated: Feb 20

If you've encountered challenges in a particular aspect of your life, it might stem from past-life experiences manifesting in this lifetime.

Consulting an Akashic Record Reader allows you to seek guidance from the Akashic Guides regarding the issues you're facing.

Past-life issues can manifest in various ways in your current life. Some common examples include:

Unresolved Trauma: Traumatic experiences from past lives can create emotional and psychological wounds that affect your current mental health and behaviour.

Interpersonal Relationships: Patterns of conflict, attachment, or even strong connections with certain individuals may be influenced by past-life interactions and dynamics.

Phobias and Fears: Unexplained fears or phobias could be rooted in past-life experiences, such as a fear of water stemming from a drowning incident in a previous life. (Someone had a fear of revolving doors. When I channelled the past life relevant to this phobia, I found that her boat had capsized while at sea in another life and she had drowned.)

Talents and Abilities: Skills and talents that seem to come naturally to you could be a result of past-life experiences, suggesting that you've cultivated these abilities over multiple lifetimes.

Karmic Relationships: Relationships marked by intense connections or recurring conflicts may be karmic in nature, indicating unfinished business or lessons from past lives.

Life Themes: Persistent themes or challenges throughout your life may reflect unresolved issues carried over from past incarnations, such as struggles with abandonment, betrayal, or self-worth.

Exploring past-life issues can provide insight into the root causes of current challenges and facilitate healing and personal growth in this lifetime if, instead of asking what happened in our lives once lived, we shift the narrative and see what choices we keep making now. This way, we reclaim our power to shape our destiny and express our divine nature by remembering and learning from past mistakes.

Use the limitless potential of the present moment and create a future aligned with your highest truth.

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