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Updated: Mar 9

Welcome to my world! :)

My name is Lavinia and I am a being of Light who would love to use all her skills in order to be able to help you on your Path (through a psychic reading, card reading, akashic reading, mediumship reading or cord cutting session).

From a young age, it was clear to me that I was an empath. I would have loved to be an animal communicator. I still have this desire. I find it fascinating and during my childhood, I would spend hours observing animal behaviours, which helped me understand what they wanted, how they were and what they needed in order to thrive.

One of my biggest revelations was to discover that budgerigars have eyelashes. But wait, have you seen the secretary bird? :))

From the same young age, I would get messages and symbols in dreams, and I could feel when people were about to die, I just did not know who. So, I decided to explore this gift. I discovered that I am a spiritual empath and a claircognizant. I trained in several healing modalities (Silva Mind Control, Reiki - Usui, Karuna, Gendai, Shamballa, IQM, Cord Cutting, Ego relaxation, Light language, Sacred contracts, Past life reading), received quite a few attunements and transmissions, I became a certified Akashic reading practitioner, I am training as a Soul Midwife and I am constantly developing my mediumship skills through workshops and courses with different mentors. I now sometimes know exactly who is about to die when I feel what I feel (right before their passing) and get healing messages during 1:1 readings, so I will be very happy to connect with your loved ones and see what comes up for you. Just give me their name, trust and surrender to Spirit.

I also speak French, Spanish, Romanian, Greek and Catalan, so if your English is not your forte, please do get in touch in any of these languages.

I love...

  • poetry and...Love, so I have published two small mystical love poetry books in Romanian.

  • I have had four dogs and I would have another one any time if I could keep a pet in the flat I am living in right now. If I had a dog, she would wear a scarf:

  • rose petal jam, especially the one that my grandma used to make

  • music (a very varied taste - no space here to list it all). For 8 years I played the violin (I attended and graduated from the School of Music and Arts. The last thing I played was Méditation from Thaïs by Jules Massenet).

  • crystals (my favourite is rainbow tourmaline)

  • travelling (I have lived in France, Romania, United Kingdom, Greece and Spain and travelled to Cyprus, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Tunisia). Here I am in front of the Palace of the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest, where the ruins of an old inn (built between 1678 and 1688) can be admired through a glass floor:

I also love horses.

And being in nature...

I teach from my 5D heart.

My intention is to...

  • relay information from my Higher Self at all times, in alignment with Divine Truth and accuracy and that all answers received align to my highest path and purpose and the highest good of all Beings everywhere during my Akashic readings that will hopefully assist you in stepping into your inner authority and Divine self-expression

  • be the clearest possible vessel for your loved ones across the veil so that I can give you evidence that death is not the end as we fill the space with love and gratitude during my mediumship readings

My favourite quote: "Look for the good, look for the good, look for the God in that apparent other."

I believe that...

  • „You are a divine being in a human experience. You are a Spirit with a Soul and a Body in this lifetime. You are Source expressing itself as a story. You have come here to grow, evolve and thrive.”

  • „Separation between divinity and humanity is an illusion”

  • „There is only HERE, in awareness”

  • „It is very important to mind your mindset. “Awakening is about liberating yourself from the prison that is the world of the mind and daring to be here as all that you are.”

  • „Love and life will never die”.

  • „Death is merely a door to the next room.”

  • „Grief is Love with nowhere to go...”

  • „You are an individuated expression of the Divine”.

  • Surrendering to the Divine allows you to hop timelines.

  • You can only be to others what you are first to yourself. Be mindful of the eternal „Now” and revalue yourself.

  • „Karma is within us. About the other”.

„Our reality depends on the consciousness we apply to it.”

Movies to see: Nosso Lar (Astral City: A Spiritual Journey - 2010), Biutiful (2010), The Mothers of Chico Xavier (2011), The Island (2006)

Apart from Akashic readings, mediumship readings, clearings (blocks and restrictions in your Akashic Records, cord cutting, aura cleansing), I also do photo readings, so, if this is something you are interested in, please do get in touch.

Love and Light,

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1 Comment

Bogi Studio
Bogi Studio
May 30, 2022

So happy we connected! You are such a beautiful being inside and out♥️

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