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„Ask Spirit” Column

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

(Send me your questions and I will answer them briefly in my little „Ask Spirit” Columnist blog post.)

Q: Has the spirit of my father recovered after his violent and sudden death?

I loved my father Christopher, who was a brave soldier and a very nice man. He died in the war a few years ago. I’m sure he’s peaceful now, but I cannot stop myself from asking what the effect of his violent and sudden death was upon his spirit after he died. (John, 34, Hull, UK)

A: Hi John, thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about your father's passing. Your wonderful father has returned to full consciousness and would like you to know that although his passing was violent and sudden, he truly is at peace now, as he has become one with Love, which he has always been part of. Celebrate him on all occasions as the brave and kind man he was.

Many blessings to you,

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