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Cutting cords of attachment

Updated: Feb 15

When you have an important relationship with someone, or an experience that has impacted you, two connections are formed between their aura and yours.

The first one is positive and includes all the easy and happy soul lessons supported by that relationship. The second one is a negative attachment, which includes the heavy energies.

Through the second cord, there is a flow of negative energies between you and that person, which can affect your aura and your emotional health. Cutting this cord helps you to limit how much influence the negative patterns of a relationship/encounter – past or present – have on you.

The effect of a cord-cutting session on your energy field is permanent and helps you improve your relationships, move on from a relationship that ended and eliminate all energies that do not belong to you.

To book a Cord Cutting session with me, please write an e-mail to and I will get back to you with my availabilities.

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